"I believe that every child should be able to receive an education without the stress of finding his/her own chair each day. They are our future leaders and I believe it is our social responsibility to make sure that each child receives an education, which is a basic human right."

- Racquel Knight: Founder/ Executive Director  -

- For One Child Foundation -


How to help

A chair and desk for one child costs $50. Bring cheer to child’s life by making a donation to our cause. Shine your light to make our children’s future bright…

For Partnership Opportunities…

We are always looking to partner with other organizations or businesses that have a Corporate social responsibility component to their structure. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact Racquel Knight at

Award winners

Seven volunteers received three year tuition to the University of the West Indies and University of Technology through the Governor General’s Summer of Service Program in Jamaica

Vashawn Saxton (2017 2nd place Winner)- First OC4OC volunteer to win a full scholarship to the University of the West Indies through the Governor General Summer of Service Program in Jamaica.

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Why for one child

We work arduously to ensure that every school in Jamaica has adequate seating for its students. We have secured the use of the Petersfield High School facility where students will gain the hands-on experience of creating chairs from scratch. Every penny will go toward chair production.