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Kededra Clachar-Chambers-

Kededra Clachar-Chambers is a fun, pleasant, helpful, hardworking, and dedicated young lady who takes pride in what she does. She takes part in many charity/ voluntary activities, one of which she holds the position as the Field Director for the For One Child Foundations. In addition, she is a caregiver, mother to many, cook, baker, decorator, and most importantly, a Registered Nurse. 

Mrs. Clachar-Chambers holds a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Nursing at the University of Technology Jamaica. She gained many experiences as a nurse working with geriatric, pediatric and medical, and surgical patients. However, her dedication to work is more for pediatrics (young children). 

With all that being said, she was designed to be a part of this foundation for the children. She is determined to work in the upliftment of this foundation.  She goes by the motto: “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Field Director

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65 Southbridge St Auburn MA 01501

Worcester, MA


"I believe that every child should be able to receive an education without the stress of finding his/her own chair each day. They are our future leaders and I believe it is our social responsibility to make sure that each child receives an education, which is a basic human right."

- Racquel Knight: Founder/ Executive Director  -

- For One Child Foundation -

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One Chair 4 One Child (OC4OC)

(One Chair for One Child) provides chairs and desks for kids who attend school in the most rural and remote parts of Jamaica who struggle on a daily basis to find adequate seating.

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