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FOR ONE CHILD is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Non-Profit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.

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"I believe that every child should be able to receive an education without the stress of finding his/her own chair each day. They are our future leaders and I believe it is our social responsibility to make sure that each child receives an education, which is a basic human right."

- Racquel Knight: Founder/ Executive Director  -

- For One Child Foundation -


Empowering children as we provide school facilities, learning materials, educational technology, and other classroom necessities to deprived schoolchildren, in order to holistically enhance their lives allowing for a better future.


To create a world where students can comfortably learn and excel in class while realizing their creative pursuits and pursuing their passion which will help them find new opportunities for a brighter future.

Our Work.

One in five persons living in rural Jamaica is illiterate. Thousands of children lack educational opportunities and future employment opportunities. More than 65 children cram into one class that holds only 35 children. Classrooms are filled with broken chairs. This is impacting their potential to learn and pursue a promising future.


According to United Nations, Education is a fundamental right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights.

It was very sad to learn that a small problem such as the lack of chairs and furniture in classrooms has been preventing children from getting an education.

It is a global issue and Jamaica is one of many countries affected by this problem.

For One Child Foundation works arduously to provide comfortable learning environments for kids in Jamaica’s rural and remote schools. Since 2017, we've provided over 600 chairs and desks to Jamaica's rural and remote schools

14 Schools across 3 parishes in Jamaica.

Meet the team

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Racquel Knight

Racquel Knight – 31 years old -- grew up in a small, rural district in Portland, Jamaica, called Bellevue.

While attending primary and high school, she found it increasingly difficult to attain the comfort of a chair and desk each school day. Racquel and her schoolmates would spend thirty minutes or more trying to find a chair each day. If a chair had three legs, she would be forced to improvise; this she did by leaning against the wall and manipulating her bodyweight while sitting to avoid falling. In addition, she would use her backpack as seating many times.

Surprisingly, this problem still exists today, especially in the rural areas of Jamaica, where there is an increased need for chairs (furniture) in classrooms. Unfortunately, chairs are often broken or misplaced; therefore, students are sent home from school or struggle to participate during class sessions.

During her college years, Racquel began to reflect on her experience in Jamaica. Racquel Knight founded One Chair 4 One Child while a student at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she graduated with a degree in global citizenship in 2018. She is currently pursuing her MBA at Western Governor’s University. She registered the One Chair 4 One Child Project as a nonprofit in Massachusetts. One Chair 4 one Child is now known as For One Child Foundation Inc.

Founder/ Executive Director


Yaa Asaa Ankomah

Yaa Asaa Ankomah is the Assistant Executive Director at For One Child Foundation. She is an accomplished human services professional and an ardent philanthropist with a deep conviction to transform the lives of the elderly from underprivileged communities. On the other hand, our children are the future, and She has a similar passion for achieving the mission of For One Child. Yaa was born and raised in Ghana and migrated to the United States to advance her studies after completing Associates in Marketing. 

Yaa earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Human Services and has gained many opportunities to serve in various managerial and human relations positions in companies across the state of Massachusetts. 

Mrs. Ankomah has a passion for supporting the elderly, which inspired her to establish Essential Adult Living from her ten years of experience. 

Ankomah's unmatched leadership and human relations skills are essential in enhancing our reach at For One Child Foundation.

Assistant Executive Director

image (1).jpg

Sanatty Holness-Plummer is a fun-loving, witty, creative, and dedicated wife and mother who enjoys spending her time with family in the great outdoors. She sports the cap of a businesswoman and is also a practitioner in the environmental sciences and project management fields. Mrs. Plummer has earned an MSc. in Natural Resource Management with honors at the University of the West Indies, Mona, in Jamaica. She is currently employed in the development aid field. In addition, she brings to the table seven (7) years of experience in project management and coordination and rural community development.

Sanatty Holness-Plummer

Business/Marketing Director


Faith Whitney received her degree in psychology from Becker College in 2020; She is pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Anna-Maria College. The mother of three boys works full-time in hospitality while coordinating fundraising and other events for nonprofits in Central Massachusetts. She has gone on two service-learning trips to Haiti and one to rural Jamaica to work with For One Child. She is the organization’s Fundraising Director.

Faith Whitney

Fundraising Director


Theresa Robinson

Theresa Robinson is a hardworking, dedicated, and persistent young woman who strives for excellence in all aspects of her life. She stands by her Motto: "Helping others to become the best version of themselves.” She is a Trainer, an Educator, and a Multi-Business owner with over six years of experience in people and business development through training and coaching. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and training, and several other Certifications.

Theresa's passion for people development is linked with our ultimate goal of enhancing the lives of the children in Jamaica by providing them with a learning environment that is comfortable and conducive to learning. She is our Project Director for our Machine Shop Operations.

 Project Director, FOC- Educational Resource Centre


Roxanne Knight

Roxanne Knight is a fun, out-going, loving, and dedicated individual. She is the mother of two children, who are the light of her world. She lives by the code “do good, and goodwill follows you.” She takes pride in all that she does. 

She was born and raised in Jamaica. Having spent some of her earlier years in the rural area of Jamaica makes being in Public Relations Director for the For One Child Organization a significant accomplishment in her life. She holds a degree in Business Management and Accounting and has a Customer Service position at Citi Public Sector.  Roxanne is proud and feels fortunate to be a part of this team and will continue to put her best foot forward to help this organization strive.

Public Relations Director


Rushelle Abrahams-Stewart

Rushelle Abrahams-Stewart is the biological mother to two (2) children and a psychical/emotional mother to many. Rushelle is a fun-loving, benevolent, charitable individual. She wears many hats, including being the Field Director for the For One Child Foundation, an Administrative professional, and a Human Resource Personnel. She was born and raised in Jamaica and has been in the Jamaican school system from age three(3) to the present; needless to say, she knows its many challenges and will work vigorously with the For One Child Foundation to achieve the strategic goal. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Studies, majoring in Human Resource Management. Rushelle takes pride in voluntarism; she believes in the quote, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention’’ Oscar Wilde. 

Field Director


Kededra Clachar-Chambers-

Kededra Clachar-Chambers is a fun, pleasant, helpful, hardworking, and dedicated young lady who takes pride in what she does. She takes part in many charity/ voluntary activities, one of which she holds the position as the Field Director for the For One Child Foundations. In addition, she is a caregiver, mother to many, cook, baker, decorator, and most importantly, a Registered Nurse. 

Mrs. Clachar-Chambers holds a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Nursing at the University of Technology Jamaica. She gained many experiences as a nurse working with geriatric, pediatric and medical, and surgical patients. However, her dedication to work is more for pediatrics (young children). 

With all that being said, she was designed to be a part of this foundation for the children. She is determined to work in the upliftment of this foundation.  She goes by the motto: “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Field Director


Anna-Liza McDonald

Anna-Liza McDonald is a modern day young enthusiast who enjoys life. She thrives in outdoor settings and enjoys having and meeting new people and friends. A social butterfly taking life in strides. Took a leap out of the Merl Grove High School and is currently trying to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting at the University of Technology. Having gone through a not so smooth childhood. Anna-Liza has sought to assist the less fortunate as much as she possibly can while juggling being a mother to three beautiful girls,a daughter, a friend and an Accountant. She reaches for the utmost best at all times and strives to ensure that with just her little effort she can make a big difference in this world

Social Media Director

Our board of directors

William Kadish

Suzanne Longone



Lisa Casillo

Douglas Casault

Melody Lee Beach

Kim Stone

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